Reviews of Bark Busters Dog Training Arlington Heights IL

What a wonderful experience! All was fine in our home... until a new human came along - and rattled our fur babies world. Approximately 3 weeks into our daughters life - we knew something had to be done - as our 1 year old Shiba was becoming very aggressive towards our 13 year old Foxhound... and the situation was becoming very difficult to manage with a newborn in the pictures too. We had done one other training when he was a puppy - and he did well so we hoped a new form of training would solve the issue.. .and WOW... did it ever. BOTH dogs - after our first sesison were truly like new animals - we did 2 sessions and 1 walking session and really... the results are better than we could ever have hoped they would be. Both dogs are so gentle now with our baby - and so calm with each other and with other people... they are even nicer to our cat! Brad has a fantastic demeanor towards all animals - and is great with the human owners too! He makes it so easy to adopt the new methods of behavior for all involved - and with such incredible results - we have already recommended him / Bark Busters several times in the past few months. We will admit we came into the first session hopeful but skeptical - and were beyond impressed with what we gained from these sessions. We would suggest Brad and Bark Busters to anyone who asked - and wish you the same results as we had for sure! THANK YOU Brad!!!!
Stephanie & Dave K., Des Plaines, Illinois 13th August 2016

Brad is very professional and knowledgeable dog trainer. Speaking with him on the phone first I got the sense of his love for dogs and for methods that would not harm my dog. I first tried a dog school that used choke collars and just couldn't bring my dog there. Brad echoed my feelings on choke collar methods and I knew we found our dog trainer. Brad instantly found out Coco jumps on all new visitors to our home, just one of the many issues we had with Coco. He begged for food incessantly. Walking him was crazy as he zig zagged in front of me and stopped like a mule where he pleased. Brad taught us that the walk is OUR walk, not his along with a simple method of reminding him when to continue and stop. I honestly didn't think it would work with Coco. I worked with him about a week after Brad left and after just one week I saw 80% improvement on our walks. Coco stayed on my left side (my choice) he stopped when I commanded, started as well. I like that Brad stressed it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm okay with Coco being a little ahead of me but when I snap the lease (a little) he stops and waits. Totally amazing!! Never thought it would work. I love my walks with Coco now. Coco does not beg for food at our dinner table at ALL now! This is worth all the money for Barkbusters right here! Dinner was unbearable before, we couldn't put Coco anywhere to escape his crying and begging. Now he literally lays down where we allow him and not a peep! We are still struggling with teaching him front door etiquette. He hears the doorbell and gets excited. That is something we may need more help with. When we have many guests over at one time, Coco jumps at first then calms down. He calms down much quicker that before Barkbusters training but still jumps once or twice on guests but we ask him to sit and he eventually will, then we pet and praise him. We see definite improvement in the area of jumping on people but that's an area where we could probably use more help. We very much appreciate the training and guidance that Brad provided us. Living with Coco has become much more harmonious than before. We would recommend him to anyone that needs dog training.
Carol C., Glenview, Illinois 31st July 2016

Brad was amazing. We could already see results after the first day! Just him being there seems to have an effect on my dog. Great techniques, you just have to continue to apply them when he is gone. Great guy and great service!
Kristen D., Prospect Heights, Illinois 18th June 2016

We adopted a 18 month old Shepherd/Lab mix from a shelter. She was a very sweet dog but was highly energetic and mouthy in our house. Brad came to our house and spent 3 hours on our first visit. It was easy to tell that he has a great love for dogs and is incredibly knowledgeable about their behaviors. Within 10 minutes of him being at our house, he did what he called an "intervention," and we could see a huge difference in her behavior. Brad had a way of being not only strict but also loving with our dog and she immediately respected him. After our first 3 hour session, we were taught some very specific strategies to help manager her behavior in our house. This included teaching her to stay out of the kitchen while we were eating and also stopping her mouthy behavior as well as jumping on people. We also did some initial work on leash walking. His ideas were very easy to follow and made total sense. We have been working on these strategies and have noticed significant improvement in her behavior. Brad came back for a follow up visit and helped us work on some of the original interventions that he taught us yet we were struggling with. Again after this visit, we felt very confident and relieved that we had ways of dealing with our dog's behaviors. Although she still has puppy tendencies, we feel that with Brad's expertise our dog is well on her way to becoming a very well trained dog. We love the fact that he encourages us to contact him at any time with questions/concerns. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs these services.
Lisa R., Long Grove, Illinois 12th June 2016

Brad was so helpful to us in training our adopted lab mix. His explanations were easy to understand and as we practiced he gave good feedback. I am no longer pulled down the street and can actually enjoy our walks. Also, Coal doesn't bark and go crazy at every truck that goes by during our walks. So glad we contacted Brad--I've recommended him to other friends & acquaintances.
Dana M., Glenview, Illinois 17th May 2016

Fantastic trainer, was brilliant to be able to talk to someone knowledgeable and confident in his field. All the techniques are working well and we have seen a great improvement in Rusty in such a short time! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to bring structure into their dogs life.
Tim B., Palatine, Illinois 15th May 2016

Mitch was having issues while walking on his leash. He was also becoming very fearful of strangers and even friends. He took to Brad right away and has been doing much better on his leash and with general door manners. You can tell he's much more relaxed when he meets people and he's even conquered his fear of our neighbor. The training techniques work great when I do them correctly.
Anna S., Arlington heights, Illinois 26th March 2016

We benefited much from Brad's training us to train our beloved dog. She is much more well-behaved now and our household is more peaceful. Brad is very dedicated to his profession and customized his training to fit our specific situation.
Brenda N., PALATINE, Illinois 27th January 2016

We had a wonderful time with Brad today. I've tried many times and many ways to keep our 5 year old Lab from just going crazy when the doorbell rings. She jumps, she spins, she runs around the guests and in general is impossible to control. Within about 10 minutes, Brad had her sitting quietly, waiting to be told she could move. And then she did it for me as well as for Brad. I couldn't stop saying " Wow!" Now I'm anxious to practice with her tomorrow. This is such a dramatic improvement, one I thought was impossible. Now I feel like I can do this. And it makes such a difference knowing that Brad is available to help anytime I need a refresher. I highly recommend calling Brad if you have any issues with your dog.
Cathy F., Northfield, Illinois 23rd January 2016

our Dog Brodie has some aggression issues with people coming to the door, he was just going crazy, out of his mind, and was not the sweet dog he normally is around us. Brad has taught us to be the pack leader and how to get our dog to calm down quicker, and how we should take charge of the dog. he also helped us with leash manners, and some other small issues we were dealing with. There is no miracle instant cure, but Brad has shown us how to take charge, and i think with us working with Brodie, and continuing the things Brad has taught us, that in time we will be able to have people over and not be worried. without the training, i think we were in for a long road of keeping the dog locked up, and also not being able to control him while going for walks. it is definitely worth the investment and time for Brad to show you how to be the pack leader.
Ryan M., Volo, Illinois 16th December 2015

We have two Australian Shepherds, a ten year old female and a 11 month male. The male was always barking, jumping, and looking for passive influence. The female was always trying to be a Old Mother Hen towards him. This always ended up with clashing between them. Brad Howe (Trainer) walked in and immediately took over the situation. It was amazing. By the time he left we were in control. The difference is like night and day. All you have to do is stick with the Program. We owe Brad Howe and Bark Busters a ton of Thanks
Robert S., Mount Prospect, Illinois 13th September 2015

From the first meeting with Brad we knew we had found a trainer who had the knowledge and love of dogs to put our uncertainty at rest. We adopted a stray dog with no background and agressiveness ( a very short history of biting) as a personality. Brad took us thru the history of his training and a plan to get our dog back into the mainstream of living, not only with us, but with others. He had the dog licking his face within an hour of meeting him. To say we have total confidence in Brad is an understatement. We are very happy with him and now have a greater hope of giving this fine dog a home he deserves.
James T., McHenry, Illinois 27th August 2015

Brad was nothing short of incredible. In one day our dog has changed to a different beast altogether. Brad gave us a simple and well-explained lesson that was more effective than years of our struggling with her behavior. Hours after he was gone we took her on a walk and she was heeling all the time (!) -- something I couldn't succeed in getting her to do for years. Brad is also a very nice, friendly person, who has a gentle soul. He's a natural teacher and trainer.
Alex S., Glenview, Tennessee 29th June 2015
Trainer's Comments
Alex, I thank you for your review. It was heartwarming. You and your wife are great Doggie leaders :)

Our dog, Chewie, is beyond stubborn. We were shocked at how quickly she responded to Brad's training. She stopped barking at the vacuum, the delivery men, the doorbell and everything else that would normally set her off. We are so pleased and are very motivated to keep up with the tips Brad gave us.
Jackie L., Northbrook, Illinois 26th June 2015

Our 18 month old King Charles puppy is awesome! He has been the perfect addition to our family. We didn't have major problems with Mac, just annoying ones. He jumped on everyone, rushed the front door, and what we would consider too much barking at squirrels, people, etc. We are new to dogs and tried, and gave up training him. Then I had Brad recommended to me by a neighbor. We saw results in the first few minutes he was with us! He helped us to see what Mac responds to and how to get him to behave how we want him to. You can see Brad's passion for dogs immediately and it shows through in every interaction he had with our pooch.
Erin M., Arlington Heights, Illinois 18th June 2015

Brad is a great trainer! We have trained our 4 year old spaniel mix in the past using clicker training. It was great for teaching him how to respond to treat based actions such as sitting, going to his mat or learning tricks but wasn't effective when it came to getting his attention when "higher value" issues would arise. Barking / charging the door when unknown guest would arrive, tugging on the leash when walking, nervous / anxious behaviors around other dogs and jumping up when greeting new people were things we needed help with. Brad addressed all the issues we were having with our little guy and taught us how to "speak his language" in just one afternoon session. He gave us the tools and knowledge we required to properly handle behaviors and habits we wanted to phase out. We were worried that one session wouldn't be enough to get the desired results so we opted for the lifetime training warranty. Brad is so well versed, however, that we only seeing ourselves using this option if ever there is a drastic change within the dynamic of the house. We followed through with all the training we acquired on a daily basis and saw dramatic improvements in Murphy's behavior and reactions both in and outside the house. We had our follow up training session on May 28th. Because we had stuck with our training regimen, we decided to work on more advanced training in the follow up. We are currently working on "Sit, Stay Programming" in the outside environment as well as his level of anxiousness in isolated situations. All in all, we are VERY happy with the results. Anyone looking for a dog trainer that will work with you and your companion on a personal level will be find this training very effective. Brad (and all other Bark Buster trainers, I'm sure) is very skilled at training you, the owner, into properly training your dog. Thanks again, Brad, for everything!
John & Danielle A., prospect heights, Illinois 2nd June 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks John and Danielle. You and Murphy were a real pleasure to work with.

My wife and I have two dogs that loved to bark. When guests were not over it was manageable, but if anyone ever stopped by it was nonstop until they left. Within the first 15 minutes of our session Brad quieted our dogs down, which gave us an opportunity to discuss the Barkbusters method. During this discussion my mother was over, an event that normally would have the dogs barking if they were not with us. For the first time in as long as I can remember the dogs were behaving downstairs while we talked upstairs. Within the first week we have had multiple guests over and our dogs have had minimal distraction.....we finally have our home back and can have friends over without nonstop barking!! Although somewhat costly, I fully endorse this program and especially Brad (he was extremely friendly, great at demonstrating techniques / explaining the program, and was obviously a dog lover)...ask yourself how much a calm/safe home is worth? How much is a happier dog worth? Is it really worth having a nice TV to watch games if your dogs are constantly barking during it? Is it worth having a nice new couch if friends/family can never come over and sit on it? We are still practicing with our dogs and still get to pet them/show them our affections and let them lay with us on the couch, something we worried about with other programs!! If you have any behaviors you would like to fix give Brad a call right now!
Brandon T., Glenview, Illinois 17th January 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for the kind words, Brandon. I am glad to help and allow you to quit using the vibrate/shock collars on your Dogs. You, your family AND your doggies were a pleasure to work with. I usually say "Helping one Dog at a time" but in your home it was two :)

Brad is a an exceptionable dog trainer! our time with him and our dog was fantastic, learned a whole lot from Brad! we couldn't of asked for a better trainer and a perfect person for the job.. its been a few days now and our dog Juno "family member" is already doing what she supposed to do as a man's best friend! I couldn't be happier with the results we've gotten from our dog... a few days have gone by and I still can't help to think about Brad and his dog and we are continuing to pray for him in hopes that his dog, his best friend is doing better :( let's all pray for Brads Doggie That is suffering from cancer we all will be pretty heartbroken for Brad if he had to expect the worse and put his best Friend down.:( my thoughts and prayers go out to you Brad you're a great person with a huge heart that has passion for human life in our four legged friends. keep up the fantastic work and God bless you! Your friend -Geno
Geno S., McHenry, Illinois 16th October 2014
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for the kind words, Geno. After 22 months of fighting 'c' and being a real Trooper, I let My Dusty go on October 15 2014. He was my constant companion ans best friend.We went everywhere together. There is a empty place in my heart. My Dusty and me always took care of each other. It was a pleasure to work with you all, and thanks again for your concern...Brad

It was a pleasure to have Brad come to our house to help with Juno. He was very nice and extremely professional.I have a hard time learning new tricks but Brad made it very easy for us to understand the training that Juno needs to get her where she needs to be. He drove well out his way to come see us and help us with juno. He respected the life time guarantee and did not ask for a dime. He showed that he cared more about Junos lessons and our training than money. When we spoke on the phone before he came to the house, he told me the lesson would only take one to two hours. He stayed for three and a half hours. Not because juno needed more time but because he wanted to make sure we understood the steps necessary to get juno where she needs to be. Also, juno got off her leash and we ran around for at least thirty minutes trying to catch her. Most people would not have cared and would of just stood behind. But nope, not Brad. He was running rite there with us to get here home and showed genuine consern for Junos safety. It would be a pleasure to have Brad back for more lessons but because he was very thorough with today's lesson and it was easy to understand, I do not believe we will need him to. If you are considering hiring Brad to teach you how to get your dog trained, take it from me and do so. It will be the best money you have ever spent.
Matthew S., Mchenry, Illinois 13th October 2014

I highly recommend Brad Howe. He is dedicated, passionate, and brings with him a high-quality, no-nonsense approach that is easy to apply the techniques with a huge positive outcome that leaves you grateful, happy, and stress free. Our black lab is riddled with anxiety separation and wildly barks, and frantically runs from window to window when the door bell rings. Brad came to our rescue, applied Barks techniques, and with our love and consistency our dog, Kozmo, now responds well to Bark Busters methods reducing our stress levels. Thank you, Brad!!!
Vickie and Brad W., Spring Grove, Illinois 7th October 2014

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