Reviews of Bark Busters Dog Training Arlington Heights IL

Improved issues quickly. Very simple effective techniques provided immediate results, and are going to be simple to use in the future.
Dave W., Arlington Heights 21st August 2007

Everyone noticed that Dusty is a different dog. The corrections DO work. They guarantee results. I will not have to shell out money all the time.
Tanya S., Northbrook 21st August 2007

It is easy to understand, and follow. We were given many opportunities to implement the training. Much more docile by the end of the session.
Alana T., Palatine 21st August 2007

Well-trained dogs make a happier family, owners, and dogs. People with well behaved dogs will keep them for life, in most cases. Bark Busters should be mandatory for all new dog owners. It is the only way dogs should be trained.
Linda B., Arlington Heights 21st August 2007

It was like someone swapped dogs when we weren't looking.
Chris M., Mt Prospect 24th May 2007

Brad was easy going and easy to talk to. I don't like pinch collars; this was better than the others we have tried.
Lori P., Arlington Heights 24th May 2007

There is not enough room to write how happy we are with Bark Busters....We were amazed at the quick and successful response.
Claudette E., Arlington Hts. 24th May 2007

Remarkable Results! . . . It was/is very beneficial to making our home happy again! . . . Brad is an EXCELLENT instructor !
Mary N., Mount Prospect 24th May 2007

Brad was very clear. . . . The biggest advantage is that the trainer comes to your house and shows you very SPECIFIC methods for behavior corrections at your home. Brad was great and seemed to love dogs.
Selena M., Glenview 24th May 2007

Very good results; Very impressive!
Cindy K., Wheeling 24th May 2007

No physical harm to the dog, very pleasing, very easy, not complicated.
Alan M., Arlington Heights 24th May 2007

She's listening well with every command. . . . I like that there is no physical reprimanding, it just getting her attention and correcting her . . . it is helpful understanding her mind better. . . . She is a different dog, more calm and submissive.
Kim K., Mount Prospect 24th May 2007

Very clear and helpful. A major change in his door manners within 10 to 15 minutes. Seems logical and effective. Able to deal with all our issues without creating a dependence on treats.
William N., Arlington Heights 24th May 2007

Not doggy boot camp, it's in the environment you and your dog live in. In home, one on one training; with revisits when you "lose"control; very, very nice feature.
Edie T., Mount Prospect 24th May 2007

The very first night we see a huge difference in our two dogs. Unbelievable.
Bella P., Wheeling 24th May 2007

It was easy to follow and understand. He answered all our many questions and made sure we understood. Our dog was quickly calm and able to get the expectations we had for her.She can be very stubborn and she picked it up very quickly. It is very easy to use and can just be tweaked to each area of the training. We saw results right away. It is a safe gentle approach.
Britta W., Mount Prospect 24th May 2007

Brad was very calm. Explained everything clearly. Did a Great job.
Chris K., Bartlett, IL 6th November 2006

It looks like this training system really works.
Matt K., Palatine, IL 6th November 2006

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